Glass as clear as a Mountian Lake or Obscure as a Murky Swamp

We can provide Annealed, Tempered, Obscure, Patterned, Architectural, Plexi, Polycarbonate, Spandrel, Tinted, Laminated, Bullet Resistant, Lexan and a varitety of other Glass materials.

Extrusion Metals, Storefronts, Break Metal and other Metal Products, Comercial Closers & Repairs

New Screens & Re-Screens, Storm Doors and Windows 

Don Young & PlyGem Replacement Windows & Vinyl

And a large variety of other services, materials & Products

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Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2017

We are doing some Remodel here and instlalling a Showroom. Most of the Construction is done. Ready for Tile on the Floor. We hope to have it ready in the Spring.

Glass Sample: Rain

Our Second Blog Entry

February 14, 2017

Weather is changing and some are getting ready for Spring. Alot of New Screens and Re-Screens for us. People wanting to let in the Fresh Air thats coming.

Glass Sample: Reeded

Our Blog for March

March 15, 2017

Big winds and a lot of Sunshine, great time of year. 

Glass Sample: Bamboo

Getting Into The Swing Of It

April 14, 2017

A lot of both, New Construction and Residential work flowing in.  Get on the Schedule while we still have some availability! Many are taking care of Windows and Screens that were damaged awhile back and some are updating to Double Insulated Windows from Single Panes and making their Homes more energy efficent for the up-coming hot season. Come in and check out our "New Window Offerings" and beat the Heat!

Glass Sample: Monumental

Big Things Are Comming

May 17, 2017

Shower Enclosures & Doors are a Hot item this month. Many are updating or Remodeling and also many new build installs! A good number of People are choosing to get away from the common but popular "Rain" (First Blog Entry Sample) glass and go with other great patterns or styles. Like this months beautiful sample on the Left "Coral". An eteched glass look, or last months "Monumental" a modern styled choice. You need to see these Glasses in hand  to really appericiate them. Come in and choose yours!

Glass Sample: Coral

Enough of a Good Thing

June 16, 2017

Text coming soon

Glass Sample: Bubbles

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