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Justs some of the Products we offer

Above - Ply Gem Windows & Doors

Having a variety of Products to offer, Windows are our top Seller in the Ply Gem arena. We are an authorized reseller of their products. They also offer Doors, Exterior and Surface solutions.

Below - Cardinal Shower Enclosures

Providing some of the Finest Shower Enclosures in the Country, Cardinal has a extensive variety of Products to choose from. Represented here, is only a small selection of their offerings.

Glass Backsplash Frenzie

A new trend in Kitchens, Glass Backsplash is on the rise and a choice for many. With an almost endless Ocean of background colors, patterns, images & backings; you Kitchen can become a beautiful Showplace.

Walking on Glass

Have you seen Glass Floors yet?

Wow. You can have a 3-D Floor with actual River Pebbles, a Mural of choice or even Cracked Glass under your Tempered Floor. Google up Glass Floors, choose Images for a Look!

Heavy Glass is In

Heavy Glass Showers, Doors Sidelites and many other applications seem to be the Trend - Conference Tables or Table Tops and even Door Panels or Railings. There are many Heavy Glass Offerings.

Bullet Resistant 

Security & Safety is a growing concern. BR solutions are availiable for both Commercial and Residential needs. Everything from Transaction Windows to full on BR Glass and Panels are within your reach.

Skylights For Beauty & Visibility 

Skylights are an excellent choice for getting light into darker Rooms or simply as an astetic Feature, but wherever installed they tend to improve overall energy savings by reducing the amount of un-natural light that is needed in the Room